Main Theme: Innovative Learning … Promising Future

Theme I: Innovative Learning Applications And Practices
1. Innovative e-learning strategies.
2. Disruptive innovation in teaching and learning.
3. Learning and big data analytics in teaching and learning.
4. Innovative trends in e-learning: internet of things, 3D printing, flipped classrooms..
5. Mobile & Tablet apps in e-learning.
6. Social networks and collaborative Learning.

Theme II:​ Creative Digital Learning Content.
1. New trends and methods on developing digital content.
2. Issues and challenges of open educational resources .
3. Learning through and with videos, simulation and virtual reality.
4. Gamification of learning and instruction.
5. Innovative digital content platforms.
6. New approaches in copyright and intellectual property protection (Creative commons).

Theme III: The Future of Learning And Teaching in K-Societies.
1. Innovative learning and encouraging competitiveness for human resources.
2. Investing in talents.
3. Life-long learning and life-wide learning.
4. Local and global collaboration in sharing learning resources.
5. Shifting towards learning society .
6. e-Training for innovative employability skills.
7. New digital literacy, skills, and competencies

Theme IV: Creativity And Engagement For A Better Learning.
1. Peer instruction: learners as teachers.
2. New uses of social learning.
3. Skills for self-motivating learning.
4. Multi-disciplinary thinking and innovative learning.
5. Discovering and developing talents.
6. Digital fluency of faculty and assessing teaching innovations.

Theme V: Quality Issues In Innovation & Creativity.
1. Quality standards for e-learning content.
2. Policies for applying quality standards.
3. Standards for organizing assessment and evaluation.
4. Quality learning and creative education.
5.Expanding access vs quality learning.