e-learning with its various applications have become the most important learning trends supporting the integrated educational system in educational institutions. e-Learning has played a vital role in setting up interactive learning environment conducive to learning, creativity, skills and expertise development in order to produce knowledge, increase achievement and improve productivity in various aspects, and ensure high-quality output to reach learner-based future education milestones according to the aspirations of the education system seeking efficiency and effectiveness.

     This shift to e-Learning has become a promising strategic choice in various educational institutions and received considerable attention in recent times. Many initiatives have been launched in this regard and a great deal of research and studies have been published, leading decision makers in these institutions to learn about what has been achieved in this area and seek to measure its effectiveness in supporting learning performance.

     "Innovative learning ... promising future" is the starting point for research and studies of modern and up-to-date ideas and experiences in e-learning and distance education applications and practices, and a catalyst for more creativity and innovation to create new ideas and experiences encouraging development and advancement of education. The modern outlook to k-societies requires a quest to develop digital content of education and activate its diversified tools, adopt innovative strategies of teaching and learning. Quality assurance in performance measurement and evaluation, however, remains the main focus and major element in all e-learning and distance education areas. Especially in light of the current trend towards the expansion of learning opportunities.

     The National Center for e-Learning and Distance Learning of the Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia, plays a leading role in order to make a quantum leap to make e-learning and distance education a catalyst to participate in the development of education and improve performance by organizing eLi4 international conference and exhibition, which seeks to bring together educators, researchers, practitioners, beneficiaries, decision-makers and e-learning and distance education users all under one roof to discuss learning, new innovative ideas and initiatives to open new horizons for promising future.

     The patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz, the commander of educational renaissance in our dear country for this conference represents a real support to the tireless and successive efforts of the Ministry of Higher Education for the development of education taking advantage of the new technologies to drive the development process achieving the visions of the Ministry of Higher Education to meet the needs of the nation and move towards leadership and competitiveness in the international arenas.