The National Centre for e-Learning and Distance Learning is the essence of the Kingdom vision for the future of education. it works as the supportive, consultancy house and the basic source in the field of e-learning. The center strategy emphasizes on providing the requirements of sustained development and technology localization as well as locating the Kingdom in the proper position among other nations investing in future education, that builds on the outcomes of technological developments. NeLC is a smart interpretation of brilliant ideas, which include the National plan for information technology. The guidance of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz emphasis on the importance of implementing that plane to make the Kingdom at the forefront of communities that have the infrastructure required for technology and creatively use that infrastructure. The Centre is the essence of the Kingdom vision for the future of education and presents one of the Ministry of Higher Education mechanisms, aiming to develop the higher education sector and modernize it. The idea of establishing an organization to fulfill those tasks originated from the National plan for communications and information technology, which itself is the outcome of a great, intellectual and practical effort carried out by elite group of subject matter experts and specialists. The plan clearly emphasis on the crucial role education plays in the modern era and in qualifying young generations to be capable to take over their responsibilities of establishing such kind of culture, and contribute to its development in a way that meets our society needs, and our genuine values. NeLC aims mainly to localize e-learning in higher education institutions so that it became a key part in the educational process. The center carries out its plans and agendas based on agreements and contracts between Ministry of Higher Education and universities; to provide technical and logistical support, and assist universities in adopting e-learning and distance learning. Starting point for the center was the latest e-learning techniques and applications in the world and its goals emerged from a depth extrapolation of the reality of e-learning in our country, its needs and means, and the essence of future and far-reaching vision. Prior to center establishment, successful experiences of other nations have been monitored and evaluated, while maintaining the perspective of our Saudi values. The Centre aims to contribute to the adjustment of e-learning projects and programs, support research and studies in the filed, develop quality standards for electronic instructional materials design, production, and distribution, provide consultation services to related organizations, contribute to the development and dissemination of educational softwares serving the educational process, encourage outstanding projects in e-learning and distance learning at higher education institutions and hold meetings, conferences and workshops, contributing to the development of such type of education.