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         Tuesday 22/02/2011  
Session : 1
Sir. Tim Berners-Lee
Session : 2
The effectiveness of using blogs on student achievement and attitudes in Qasim university
Fawziah Almadhoni
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The effectiveness of 3D enriched model utilizing e-learning in the development mathematical thinking skills
Ali Suroor
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Investigates the effect of a strategy based on using educational webblogs in developing critical thinking skills
Mohammad Salem
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The effect of interface design Interactive Interface in an E-Course Based on Web 2.0 On the Cognitive Achievement
Akram Ali
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Session : 3
Identify the difficulties faced by students of Al-Quds Open University in the use of e-learning
Mohammad Tity
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Rules of ethical and professional conduct in the field of e-learning
Rania Abdoh
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Empowering Faculty members trough training in ICT
Mohammad Aljodi
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A suggested vision for the protection of intellectual property rights for e-learning
Salem Alalawani
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Session : 4
Training EFL prospective teachers on adopting,enhancing and making WebQuests
Manal Mohammad
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Muna Nasr
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Symantec web to support adaptive e-learning
Khaled Ibraheem and others
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Investigating Open Learning Institute of Virtual Education (Olive) Systems Success
Adnan Riaz, Mubarak Hussain
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Session : 5
Online Homework-Assignments in an Arabization Course
Reima Al-Jarf
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Hayat Al Amary
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Areej AlKhathlan
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Rana Tamim
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Session : 6
Quality Assurance in E-Learning and Distance Education
Dr. Mansour Al-Awar, Prof. Ronald Oliver
Session : 7
Tarik Ahmed
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Athar Husain
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Mohammed Khan
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A Fuzzy Based Assesment Model for Evaluation
Mohammed Onimisi
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Session : 8
Models in evaluating quality in e-learning
Adel Noureddine Chiheb
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Basics of effective e-training requirements in light of quality standards
Abdulmohsin Alghudian
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Employing educational technology to assure quality in education
Mohammad Saban
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Arbitrating e-learning
Wafa Shareef and Wafa Abdulbadiee
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The readiness of involved parties for e-learning and distance education
Hamdi Redwan
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Session : 9
E-Learning Adoption and Assimilation across Cultures
Said Saleh A. Al-Gahtan
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The effectiveness of a course for developing "Moodel" skills for graduate students
Nabeel Mohammad
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The virtual university and the issue of teaching Arabic to speakers of other languages
Osama Ali Alarabi
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Evaluating the use of virtual classroom in Palestinian high schools
Zuhair Khalef
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Session : 10
Copyright Protection of e-learning Contents Educational fair use guidelines for distance learning
Huda AL- chafes
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An Assessment of the Readiness of a Tertiary Healthcare Organization in Riyadh
Adnan D. Alwadie
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Exceptions and Limitations for educational purposes in the Saudicopyright law: are we utilizing them?
Abdelrahim Gaffar
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Distance learning active–model: multimedia applications in control engineering education
Idris Gadoura
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Session : 11
New Software And Technologies
Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni , Dr. Denise Wood
         Wednessday 23/02/2011  
Session : 12
Mr. Jimmy Wales
Session : 13
Unique Learning For New Generation
Prof. Abdullah Abdulrahman Al-Othman, Prof. Khalid Al-Sultan
Session : 14
Managment and Delivery of e-Learning
Prof. Belinda Tynan - Prof. Rebecca Burnett
Session : 15
Quality assurance standards in the develop- ment of electronic curricula
Elsayed AboKhatwah
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Principles of quality assurance in e-learning
Yasser fathy almahdy
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The role of e-learning in enhancing the quality of digital content in the Library
Salwa Abdulkareem
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Evaluating e-learning programs
Waleed Alzand
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Session : 16
Investigating Students' Atitude and Intention to use Social Softwarew
Shittu Tajudeen
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The Effects of Using Interactive Programs on Literacy Development
Nahla Gahwaji
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Examine the effect of using e-portfolio in science for elementary student on student's achievement
Ahmad Nobi
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Principles of instructional design for e-learning in light of the communicative theory
Hanan Alghamdi
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Session : 17
A Proposed Blended Online Training Model for TPCK
Mohammed Modeef Alsofyani
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E-Learning: An Information Security Perspective
Mohd Faiz Hilmi and others
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Adaptive Mobile Learning System
Hisham Bardesi
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E-Learning System Based on Semantic Web Technology
Walid Qassim Qwaider
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Session : 18
One laptop per child - a technological hand for billions
Adil Siddiqui & Others
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Irshad Hussain
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Enhancing electronic information searching skills by feedback strategies
Ahmad Elrefaye
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A model for using e-learning in teaching mathematics
Huda Alshamsi
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Session : 19
Evaluation and Assessment issues
Prof. David Boud, Prof. John Hedberg
         Thursday 24/02/2011  
Session : 20 A

Session : 20 B
E-Learning Between Theory and Practice
Prof. Curtis Bonk
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E-Learning Between Theory and Practice
Prof. Badrul Huda Khan
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Session : 21
Weblog: An Effective Web-Tool in EFL Classes
Samira Bakr Mohamed
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E learning 2.0: Using Blogs as powerful tool to enhance Higher Education
Elsayed Hussein Ali Islam
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ICT Capacity Building Plan For the University of Mustansiriyah
Amer Saleem Flayyeh
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Effectiveness of E-learning Process and Design of E-learning Environments
Gamal S. Ahmed Allam
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Session : 22
The effect of mobile learning on the develop- ment of critical thinking skills
Sana Alghamdi
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The development of a computerized multimedia guide book for biology students
Seham Eljraiwi
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Design interactive educational software for a virtual chemical lab as a simulation of the real lab
Kholood Barakah
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Reem Alebaikan
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Session : 23
Professional ethics in e-learning
Mohammad Mazahiri
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Professional ethics for workers in the field of e-learning
Melha Alsuhaimi
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The experience of King Saud University in developing the e-learning environment
Authman Alsaloom
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Protection of intellectual property rights in the field of e-learing
Mohammad abdulsadiq
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Session : 24
Attitudes of Saudi Matt teachers on using e-learning for teaching Math
Abdullah Jahlan
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Intellectual property rights, an initiative to providing free e-books in Egyptian universities
Shareef Shaheen
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Incorporation of TIC in situations of study for blind and partially sighted student in Morocco
AbdulKaraam Alhajami
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Effectiveness of E-Learning in the Chemistry Laboratory
Tawfik A Saleh
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Session : 25
International View and designing e-Content
Prof. Mohamed Ally , Prof. Lloyd Rieber
Session : 26
Conference Outcomes
Dr. Abdullah Al-Megren
   Theme 1: E-learning between theory and practice – International views
  Theme 2: Design and development issues
  Theme 3: New software and technologies
  Theme 4: Management and delivery of e-learning
  Theme 5: Quality assurance in e-learning and distance education
  Theme 6: Evaluation and assessment issues
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